The VIP Scheme

The VIP Scheme

The Aims of the Assisi Veterinary Group VIP Club

  • To allow members to pay a small sum each month towards preventative healthcare, instead of one large amount at each annual vaccination.
  • To provide preventative healthcare at a discounted rate.
  • To supply carefully selected products aimed at safety and efficacy.
  • To be sensitive to the needs of both the patients and the clients belonging to the VIP Club, making changes where needed to give them the very best service possible.


The VIP Club offers owners a complete plan of preventative care for their pet.

  • A monthly budget instead of one large sum once or twice a year.
  • The safest and most effective products to prevent and treat fleas, ticks and worms, given at the correct times.
  • Vaccinations against all the diseases listed as core vaccines by the world veterinary association at the interval recommended.
  • Free nail clipping, anal gland expression, etc.
  • Free or reduced prices on sterilisation operations and dentals, depending on the level chosen.
  • Free consultations depending on level chosen
  • Free blood preventative screening tests depending on level.

The VIP Club offers far more than any other Preventative Healthcare Package in the UK.

With 500 members, the VIP Plan is aimed at keeping your pet safe and disease free. It costs us a large sum to offer, but the benefit of seeing healthy patients cannot be overstated.

We are constantly monitoring the latest research and passing on any changes to VIP members as soon as they develop. When Frontline stopped being effective against fleas, we were the first practice to report it, as a result of VIP Club members concerns that our products were not working.

The VIP Plan includes

  • Discounted Booster vaccinations for dogs and cats.
  • Discounted Worming at quarterly intervals for adult dogs and cats and monthly for puppies and kittens. We carefully select the safest and most effective wormers.
  • Discounted Flea and Mite control. Monthly for dogs and cats
  • Free 6 monthly examinations
  • Free Nail trims and Anal Gland expression as often as needed.
  • 10% off microchips with a free replacement if they malfunction.
  • 10% off all dental work unless covered by insurance policy, in which case we offer other benefits.
  • 10% off pet accessories and diets, including prescription diets.

Pet Insurance is not included in the VIP Plan and it will not cover illness and injuries.  The Plan was aimed at the costs that are not covered by insurance.

To claim the benefits

At the time of each annual vaccination, you will be given the correct wormers and flea treatment to cover six months.  Six months later, a nurse or a vet will examine your pet at no extra charge and if healthy, they will dispense a further six month’s supply of wormers and flea treatment.

Multiple animals

First pet is full price of £1.00 then 50p off any additional pet, e.g. total of 4 patients means you get £1.50 off.

When to join

When you sign up to the VIP plan they need to provide 2 forms of ID and the first months plan payment. The best time to join is either as a puppy or kitten. For adult, the optimum time is just after an annual vaccination, so that the payment for the benefits is covered by the time you come in 6 months later.

For more information please call one of our surgeries
Tiptree: 01621 818282
London Road Colchester: 01206 544918